Zero to Maturity Level 5 in Kanban Seconds

Among the many benefits of Kanban include visualization tools, measurement tools, and the need to make workflow policies explicit. Together with other facets of lean and Kanban, these tools are powerful enough to propel an organization forward in their pursuit of the practical, tangible, marketing and business performance benefits of CMMI.  This two-part presentation first describes, for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, how Kanban brings out most of the behaviors desired in CMMI ML2, and then follows, for more mature audiences, with a depiction of Kanban activities that produce and perform ML4/5 behaviors.  Participants are expected to be generally familiar with CMMI and Kanban such that it will not be necessary to provide primary material in either body of work.  Also, explicit practice-by-practice correlation between CMMI and Kanban will be provided.

HeadShot Aug 24 2011


Hillel Glazer


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