Sustaining High Maturity Process Implementation with Five People CMM Process Areas

The People CMM concerns itself to the domain of workforce management and development. It provides a high-level guideline to design organizational processes which address workforce capability development. From field experiences of 4 organizations that approached organizational development in a typical multi-model process improvement setting wherein, PCMM and CMMI constellations were institutionalized together, it is clear that it is only when competent people use a capable process can a predictable, high maturity performance result. Focusing only on building a capable process leads high-maturity implementations, nowhere, if they are not also focused on sustaining high process capability. PCMM offers complimentary and beneficial practices in five process area practices which High Maturity Process implementation can leverage value from.

Helpful implementation approaches to institutionalize the recommendations of these 5 PCMM process areas will be described. It is only when a competency enabled, quantitative foundation is established would a culture of informed learning resulting from continuous process improvement prevail. Process improvement programs can sustain endlessly only with this assurance.

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