There are rumors out there that a few years ago out of San Diego Bay (between a two nuclear submarines) a Mega SCAMPI walked upon the land and found its way into the heart an innocent Certified Lead Appraiser who was planning a new appraisal.  Smitten as he was with the new Mega SCAMPI, he convinced his fellow Lead Appraisers that they could learn to love the Mega SCAMPI also.  So in 2011, they called OB1 and organized the first Mega SCAMPI with the permission of the Empire (SEI).  They repeated it again in 2013, and they are now scheming of taking it to another level in 2014.  What are these guys smoking?  Is the Mega SCAMPI a new way to save your sponsors boatloads of money or is the Mega SCAMPI just virus that will eventually kill the SCAMPI process and CMMI with it?

D LutrellBrian GallagherPRESENTATION

Dan Luttrell & Brian Gallagher


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